Jute Handicrafts

Jute is extracted from the fiber of jute tree that is obtained after prolonged soaking in the water, which is a 100% natural and biodegradable fiber which makes jute handicrafts eco-friendly and green. Diversified jute products are a preferred choice of global consumers due to its environment-friendly nature. In market crowded with handicraft items, jute handicrafts and novelties easily stand out, for obvious reasons.

They are great accent pieces as they also lend a contemporary touch to any interior design be it in homes, offices, hotels and resorts.

Of course, a jute handicraft’s distinctive look takes a little help from accessorizing or creative jazzing up in the form of appliques, embroideries, patches, gems, beads and woods. These little touch-ups can highlight the fine quality of jute and the result is always a beautiful jute handicraft item. For all its ethnic appeal, no wonder, collectors of jute decorative items are growing.

Importance of Jute Crafts:
Apart from being eco-friendly the jute crafts give natural and soothing look. There are lots of jute crafts articles which are being used for decoration purpose worldwide. Using jute handicrafts not only help our environment but also provide employement to lots of farmers, artisans and traders who are involved in making different types of jute crafts and artifacts.

Types of Jute Crafts:
Jute crafts include flower pots, baskets, bowls, box, jewellery, photo frames, wrist bands, lamp shades, cell phone covers, wall decor, flowers, napkin rings, wall hangings, decorative articles and showpieces. These jute crafts made from jute are available in all colors as per the choice of the customers. High grade jute threads are used to make clothes and other items that find extensive demand in the national and international markets.

Craftsmen Available for Making Jute Crafts:
Jute is mostly grown in Bangladesh, where one can easily get the cheap labor to manufacture jute products. However, there are many proficient craftsmen who are designing and developing jute products since generations.

Cost of Jute Crafts and Artifacts:
When it is counted among agro products, jute is much cheaper than many materials but, when compared to synthetic material, Jute crafts articles are a little bit costlier. However, one should not forget that jute is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable material. Contact us to buy any types of jute art and crafts, jute handicrafts, jute craft work, jute craft projects, jute handicraft products, handmade jute crafts and jute artifacts at very reasonable prices.

Types of Jute Handicrafts

Jute Flower PotsJute JewelleryJute Lamp ShadesJute Napkin Rings
Jute BasketsJute Photo FramesCell Phone CoversJute Rope Chandelier
Jute BowlsJute Table MatsJute Wall DecorJute Wall Hangings
Jute BoxJute Wrist BandsJute Zipped PouchJute Tray
Jute CoasterJute Drawstring PouchJute FlowersJute Door Mats