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Jute bags supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Bags

We are supplying different types of jute bags, such as, personalized jute bags, jute shopping bags, jute tote bag, small jute bags, jute lunch bags, jute gift bags, jute handbags, jute beach bag, printed jute bags etc.

Jute Rugs

We are supplying different types of jute rugs, such as, round jute rug, 8×10 jute rug, large jute rug, jute runner rug, jute area rugs, outdoor jute rug, 9×12 jute rug, black jute rug, grey jute rug, natural jute rug etc.

jute rug supplier
burlap supplier


Using jute burlap fabric, we are making diversified products such as burlap sack, burlap bags, burlap sack dress, small burlap bags, burlap coffee bags, burlap gift bags, printed burlap fabric etc.

Jute Rope Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Rope

We are making different types of jute rope such as, burlap rope, macrame jute rope, 6mm jute rope, thick jute rope, natural jute rope, colored jute rope, jute twine rope etc.

Jute Twine Supplier Bangladesh

Jute Twine

We are making different types of jute twine such as, jute thread, colored jute twine, natural jute twine, hessian twine, white jute twine, thick jute twine, colored jute twine, jute twine bunnings etc.

Jute Runner Supplier Bangladesh

Jute Runner

We are making different types of jute runner such as, jute floor runner, jute runner rug, sisal stair runner, jute stair runner, jute hall runner, grey jute runner, jute carpet runner etc.

Jute Mats Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Mats

We are making different types of jute mats such as, jute doormat, jute bath mat, jute floor mat, round jute mat, round jute bath mat, jute kitchen mat, jute welcome mat etc.

Jute Carpet

We are making different types of jute carpet such as, jute carpet padding, sisal stairs carpet, jute back carpet, jute stair carpet, automotive jute carpet padding, jute herringbone carpet etc.

Jute Carpet Supplier in Bangladesh
Jute String Supplier Bangladesh

Jute String

We are making different types of jute string such as, jute string bunnings, natural twine string, thick jute string, black jute string, jute string craft, sisal string etc.

Jute Felt

We are supplier of finest non woven needle punched jute felt. We are producing and exporting best quality well packed jute felt to our customers. Two style packing such as squares pressed in bales or roll form.

Jute Felt Supplier in Bangladesh
Jute Cord Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Cord

We are making different types of jute cord such as, jute cord for macrame, jute cord crafts, colored jute cord, hessian cord, waxed jute cord etc.

Jute Mesh Supplier Bangladesh

Jute Mesh

We are making different types of jute mesh such as, jute mesh blanket, jute mesh bunnings, jute mesh rolls, jute landscape netting, jute netting roll etc.

Jute Sack Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Sack

We are making different types of jute sack such as, burlap gift sacks, jute sack bag, printed hessian sacks, jute sack cloth, hessian sacks etc.

Jute Hessian Fabric Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Hessian Fabric

Using jute hessian fabric, we are making diversified products such as jute hessian bags, printed hessian fabric, small hessian drawstring bags, white hessian bags, hessian burlap fabric, hessian packaging, printed hessian sacks, jute hessian cloth, hessian fabric bags etc.

Jute Geotextile

Jute Geotextiles (JGT) are one such diversified products of jute which have proved to be highly effective in addressing soil-related problems in the field of civil engineering and agriculture. Bangladesh is one of the biggest jute producing country.

Jute Geotextile Supplier in Bangladesh
Jute Handicrafts​ Supplier in Bangladesh

Jute Handicrafts

Jute Bank is one of the leading supplier and exporter of diversified jute fashion crafts and lifestyle handicrafts. We export various traditional jute made handicrafts jute fashion crafts which is great looking and natural.

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