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How To Order

Have plan to make order on Jute Bank? Here’s how.

Artwork Guidelines

Before placing order, you need to prepare your product artwork so that we can understand what you want from us to make for you. Click here to learn more.

Pantone Color Finder

You will Pantone color code if you have plan to make your products colorful or do any print. Use this tool to find desire color.

Sample Policy

We understand that a sample helps the decision making process. To streamline and standardize the process, we outline our product sample policy here.

HS Code Details

A list of Harmonized System (HS) of jute products. Click here to find more.

Packaging Details

You will find product packaging details here.

Payment Terms

Payment terms of Jute Bank here.

Delivery Information

This is very similar to Shipment mode. Learn more about our product based delivery information here.

Shipment Mode

Here you will find details about our shipment mode.

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